Three Cancers in Ten Months: When Doctor Becomes Caregiver

Dr. K Azlan


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This book that presents unique personal insights and experiences from a physician whose family was struck with three different cancers in ten months. It will help you grapple with and overcome the many issues that patients and their caregivers face. 

Through research and personal experience, Dr. K. Azlan reveals the suffering he and his loved ones experienced and what they learned about dealing with this dread disease in a victorious way. 

Each of the three types of cancer his family experienced have different physical symptoms, treatment options, illness progressions and outcomes. He addresses the issues and challenges of each and helps both the cancer patient and caregiver discover ways to grapple with this disease and emerge victoriously. He offers a frank assessment of the disease and its treatment options but his focus is on helping families emerge connected and loving after facing this kind of obstacle. 

With practical, step-by-step help for managing treatment options and practical considerations, this book will help you transform a difficult journey into a meaningful and memorable battle. 

Book Contents 

Prologue: Why This Book Was Written 
Chapter 1: I Am a Physician, Yet I Am Not Prepared 
Chapter 2: Three Cancers in Ten Months 
Chapter 3: The Pain of Biopsy 
Chapter 4: An Abundance of Information 
Chapter 5: Let’s Gear Up as Patients 
Chapter 6: Paper Trails . . . Let’s Make It Right 
Chapter 7: Our Battle with Chemotherapy 
Chapter 8: Creating Time for your Loved One and Yourself 
Chapter 9: Please Understand Us, the Caregivers 
Chapter 10: Resentment and Acceptance of Supplements 
Chapter 11: Palliative and Stage IV Do Not Mean Giving Up 
Chapter 12: Things I Needed from Friends 
Chapter 13: Our Life after the Three Cancers 
Chapter 14: Last Thoughts on Cancer 


"The author exhibits Caring, Compassion and Candor enhancing this guide for anyone whose life is touched by Cancer, personally or professionally.” 
Glenys Olts RN (ret) - 35 years career in Palliative Care 

"Very easy read which is true to life experiences” 
Breast Cancer Survivor 
Enza Schirinzi, Perth, Australia. 

"You do not need to be a cancer patient to benefit from the ideas and guidance in this book....Excellant reading!" 
Clear Cell Carcinoma Survivor 
Yohan S (MB BCh BAO (NUIGalway), MSc, United Kingdom 

"As close as you can come to living it without the pain, Invaluable !” 
Dr Amy Gillis, Family Physician, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 

“Author demonstrated the importance of patience and love during the difficult time… We all can learn from this book” 
Dr Sabariah J (Head of Emergency Medicine Services, Malaysia) 
Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Survivor 

It is rare for one family to deal with several different types of cancer. Even rarer still is a family which has dealt with three different types within ten months. 

For a doctor to find himself dealing with this highly unusual situation is almost unheard of.

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15 May 2017

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